Enter the corporate dystopia of BANKWAVE where every decision counts! You'll play as a VatBornTM clone working in a futuristic multidimensional nexus on the brink of a capitalist collapse.

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Live and work in the Nexus

Live and Work in the Nexus

As a Bank Teller at Multiverse Mutual, you'll live and work right in the heart of the Nexus - the economic heart of the multiverse. Between shifts, you'll enjoy protein shake, download some Sleep 2.0, then get back to working hard towards promotion on the next shift.

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For Fans of Dystopian Fiction

We've got an awesome story planned that riffs on dystopian favorites like Transmetropolitan and The Matrix, mixed with a good dose of humor.

  • More unique customer interactions!
  • Multiple endings!
  • Major plot twists
  • Political commentary!

Live and work in the Nexus

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Meet your Boss...

"I think someone needs a reminder of who's in charge here."
-Your Manager

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Customer Service is your Passion

"Manager told me that I needed to get faster or I'd earn a one-way ticket to the recycler. I started to apologize and he spit back at me about how ignorant I was. He said that I was probably still defective like the last 'sack of soup' that was here before. I think recycling means being replaced, but in a bad way."
- Teller #40353646